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Hi all,

I am contemplating starting an online/email school sometime in later
2014 (starting where you leave off with Part 2)

I am not happy with most of the schools out there are most require
attendance or at least attendance after a first year of
correspondence. Very hard for many.

Also the schools do NOT teach 5th and 6th edition homeopathy as I
teach you – using water potencies – C’s for acutes and chronics; LM’s
for chronics – all in water

So, I thought – why not start my own program for distance learning
and teach it right.

The school will not be certified or anything like that, nor would you
graduate with a certificate.

There is certification out there but I don’t find it important at the
present time because those that have the CCH certification don’t
practice using water potencies anyway. Classical does not mean
practicing according to the 5th and 6th edition of the
Organon. Nearly all the schools basically teach 4th edition Organon,
using dry potencies, which Hahnemann left behind.

I don’t have any more information than the above at this time.

Just trying to see who might be interested. I can’t tell you at this
time the curriculum, length of study or cost.

Also you will need mentoring when you to start to take cases later in
the program and haven’t figured out how we might do that.

I will be working on this throughout the winter and will keep you updated.

Let me know if interested in this at all and if you want to be kept informed.


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