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Well Within – Homeopathy Cures

Sheri Nakken, former RN, MA, Hahnemannian Homeopath is passionate about learning, teaching & using Homeopathy as it was meant to be, created by Samuel Hahnemann.

Sheri attended Homeopathy Schools in the US and in UK; has studied the Organon by Samuel Hahnemann; studied with Dr. Luc de Schepper in person & through his writings,  based on the 5th and 6th edition of the Organon; and studied David Little’s teachings through his online archived course, also on the 5th & 6th edition of the Organon.

Sheri uses remedies in water in the special way used by Hahnemann in his later years, for a faster, more gentle cure.

Consultations with Sheri Nakken can be done in person, by phone, by webcam (soon) and by phone and video and email.  This is helpful for those who are far away and have no quality homeopath nearby.

Sheri also teaches introductory classes online so you can understand and use homeopathy with family for minor acute illnesses and first aid.



  James Pannozzi wrote @

Sheri, I’m a recent graduate of a Traditional Chinese Medicine medical college. Took an Introductory Course in Homeopathy and have been reading books on it ever since. My favourites are by Dr. Dorothy Sheperd and Dr. M. Blackie and Dr. Tyler. In addition to these, there are a huge number of classical Homeopathy books free for the download via Google Book Search, including rare editions that one could never hope to find in bookstores.

Your web site is beautiful, keep up the great work.


  homeopathycures wrote @

Thanks James.

  MiciwJso5 wrote @

Thats a pleasant write-up! I’m so pleased you chose to talk about it.

  Dr Prabhat Tandon wrote @

Nice web blog !! Thanks Sheri for sharing !!

  Donna Gros wrote @

HI I’m one of students and finally have a chance to check out your website. It’s great!! Love your classes and do not regreat the decision to take the class. It’s also nice seeing your picture, now at least I know what you look like. Hope your trip is a real nice one. Blessings to you always.

  talia wrote @

hi, im a concerned mother, IS there such thing as religeous waivers, or anything i can do to prevent my son havin vaccinations!!

  talia wrote @

Srry i hav a cell w email . ^ hav 2 get a new comp. I live in michigan muskegon.

  homeopathycures wrote @

Sorry I just saw this
Yes you can easily say no in Michigan – hope you found that information out
Info here http://www.nvic.org/Vaccine-Laws/state-vaccine-requirements/michigan.aspx
“A child is exempt if a parent of the child presents a written statement to the administrator of the child’s school that the child should not be immunized because of religious convictions or other objection to immunization.”

and more help in Michigan from this group
Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines: http://www.momvaccines.org

good luck

  Talia riversong wrote @

Hello again!! im a health care worker, and im a givin a choice 2 turn dwn the hepatitis vaccine, wonder for how long? also u know about how they check 4 Tb , is that a vaccine! ?

  homeopathycures wrote @

Sorry – I just found this. OSHA has an exemption you can use, as you probably know
Info at the top of my page here http://www.wellwithin1.com/hepatitisb.htm
who knows how long.

regarding TB – what you are talking about is a TB test – that too is toxic – you can get a blood test instead – may have to pay on your own at a health department – but info here http://www.wellwithin1.com/TBtest.htm

  BJ wrote @

Do you know that in Greece there is living a very good Homeopath who gives lectures in his own college there?
His name is George Vithoulkas.

Love and Light,
In Lak’ech,
Bertina Janssen, Oeffelt, The Netherlands.

  homeopathycures wrote @

Yes I do – he is who helped bring homeopathy back to life in the US in the 70’s

  timmy wrote @

You are a breath air, don’t ever stop contriputing to this group. Timmy

  Michael wrote @

Hello, I was looking for a homeopath in my area…Tucson, AZ. Would you know of any good ones?

  avishay wrote @

Hi sherri,
I really loved your website, it looks wonderful, but much more the subject close to my heart- classical Homeopathy.
as a homeopathic practitioner i also get much of the word spread out via the internet, posting many interesting articles like u 2, and making homeopathy a valuable treating method.
keep on doing great job, Homeopathy needs people like you!

well done


  Sarah wrote @

Are yOu doing the online course, I would be very interested. Thanks. Sarah

  homeopathycures wrote @

Class this month http://www.wellwithin1.com/homeo2.htm

  Salina Hussein wrote @

Hi, I’m not sure which class to sign up to first, the Holistic Baby and Toddler class or the Intro to Homeopathy which has much more detail. Is it ok to do the first one before the other?

  homeopathycures wrote @

Hi Salina – Can do both at the same time or can do one at a time. The Homeopathy one needs the most attention and the Baby Care class info can be read as you can and save the rest for later, having all the emails when things come up. Let me know if you want both, or just one homeopathycuresyou@gmail.com

  Mr James wrote @

which class to consult for a holistic baby in homeopathycures

  homeopathycures wrote @

Not exactly sure what you are asking but the classes in holistic child care are here http://www.wellwithin1.com/holisticchildclass.htm and my Intro to Homeopathy Class is here http://www.wellwithin1.com/homeo2.htm

  Mrs. Kate wrote @

Your blog is beautiful.keep it up.i’m enjoying to read your blog.

  Katie Walker wrote @

Hi Sherri!
I’m an old student of yours and I have an email I composed which is attached to an email you sent about Dr. Wakefield. I’d love to email it to you if that’s ok. Can you please give me your email address?
Thank you!
Katie Walker

  homeopathycures wrote @

Hi Katie – tried to reply to Kntwalk@yahoo.com but bounced back. Trying again email address is homeopathycuresyou@gmail.com

  Heather Chinavare wrote @

I am interested in your online homeopathy school. Please keep informed of more information. Thank you!

  homeopathycures wrote @

Next class will start Thursday September 18. http://www.wellwithin1.com/homeo2.htm to sign on!

  Charles wrote @

I would like to learn more on the homeopathy if are helpful and wanted to teach me.

  homeopathycures wrote @

Next class will start Thursday September 18. http://www.wellwithin1.com/homeo2.htm to sign on!

  Emily wrote @

Hi, I am very interested in your online homeopathy school!! Will I need to take your homeopathy introduction class first? Please keep me informed!

  homeopathycures wrote @

Next class will start Thursday September 18. http://www.wellwithin1.com/homeo2.htm to sign on! Welcome

  homeopathycures wrote @

Sorry – but I don’t have the time to confer on a case as I am not seeing patients right now myself – doing mainly teaching and trying to enjoy life and not work as hard

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